Bally of Switzerland is the largest fine footwear company in America. The overall perception of the brand was that it is exclusively a conservative, dressy and business footwear company for men. Our objective was to change that perception. Bally carries a wide range of product that includes apparel and accessories for both men and women. The product usage also goes beyond business and dress; it extends into the full range of today’s lifestyles. Past advertising campaigns were content to feature product beauty shots on a tabletop setting. We took the campaign to another level while encompassing the full breadth of what Bally represents to the affluent individual.
In addition to advertising, we serviced the client in the areas of direct marketing, public relations and the more utilitarian areas of retail such as, in-store signage, package design, and gift bags. Bally of Switzerland experienced significant growth during our tenure as the agency of record. We began our relationship when the company had 21 stores and increased it to 35 stores nationwide.

The design of gift boxes posed a unique challenge. Bally stores are located in high-rent areas such as Madison Avenue in New York and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Valuable real estate could not be occupied by empty boxes. We designed a thick-walled box system that arrived flat and could be easily assembled as needed

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