Geoffrey Beene is recognized as the premier American fashion designer. Phillips-Van Heusen (the world’s largest shirt manufacturer) licensed the Geoffrey Beene brand for the manufacturing and retailing of apparel. The apparel is designed for mass-market appeal, as opposed to the couture styling that Geoffrey Beene is known for. The retailing of the product is through company-owned stores located in designer outlet malls.  
Our design challenge was to create in-store signage that communicates a strong sense of designer style, in tune to the current seasonal and styling trends. The imagery that
was created gave the consumer a sense of great value, not just with low prices, but a sense that they are purchasing tasteful everyday fashion. 
We also developed a price point signage system that featured interchangeable secondary messages.  
Other elements of the business such as store fixtures, hangers and labels required our design services. 
The Geoffrey Beene retail division grew from 60 to 140 stores during our relationship.
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