Portraits of Pride II is a hard-cover keepsake that showcases easy to read profiles of 33 Americans of Chinese descent. Chinese-American men and women who have made contributions in the areas of cultural arts, sciences, sports, politics and industry. Visionaries whose passions and achievements changed our lives and continue to enhance our world. A publication of the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California, Portraits of Pride II is a glossy quality volume with illustrated essays of 8 Nobel Prize Laureates and many other outstanding Chinese-Americans.
Our services were utilized in all phases of the design, production and marketing of this publication. We worked directly with the Chinese Historical Society to design the layout and typestyles, organize and author the content, create illustrations as well as manage the printing process. We also produced a series of video presentations, including the video below, to promote the book to libraries, consumers and other organizations.
Portraits of Pride II Promotional Video

Portraits of Pride II Cover

Portraits of Pride II Cover Jacket and Contents Feature Page Artwork

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