Tourneau is the world's largest watch store.  With 18 stores across the United States, it carries over 100 of the top brands, including Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe and many more.  Finding the right timepiece is a work of art. Portraying the wide range of the brands that Tourneau offers can be accomplished through the design of elegant catalogs as well as an extensive on-line presence. Reaching consumers through radio advertising has proven to be very effective as well. Communicating the Tourneau "lifestyle" on local radio stations in the New York area and on a limited national basis allows Tourneau to attract the busy "on the go" consumer. 
Meta4 Communications has assisted Tourneau in the development of ad content, script writing and studio production of radio advertisements. Each ad was carefully designed to appeal to the typical consumer of the specific watch brand portrayed in the ad. 
Listen to the Tourneau radio advertisements for Cartier, Patek-Philippe and Rolex brand watches below:

Tourneau Cartier Watch Radio Ad

Tourneau Patek-Philippe Watch Radio Ad

Tourneau Rolex Watch Radio Ad

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